Investment in modern computer controlled equipment has allowed us to further enhance our existing product range and continue to augment an enviable reputation as a leading player in the technically complex market place.


We currently have seven swiss type sliding head automatic lathes at our disposal. This has allowed us to increase capacity and reduce setting times during the production of small to medium sized batches of bespoke fasteners.


Housed in a 15,000 sq ft manufacturing complex accommodating many sophisticated machines, we are able to meet the requirements of an impressive client base, including several blue chip businesses, ministries and aerospace customers.



"Vaughan Jones has always had a strong reputation for producing quality products and first rate service. The investment in new sliding head multi-axis lathes will allow us to increase our production capacity and offer our customers even greater flexibility"    - Jeremy Hornby, Managing Director

Plant List


Swiss Type Sliding Head Automatic Lathes


  • STAR Micronics SB-20R Type G
  • STAR Micronics SR-20R
  • STAR Micronics SR-20J Type C
  • STAR Micronics SV-32
  • STAR Micronics SR-10J
  • STAR Micronics SR-10J Type C
  • Citizen L20 VIII


Other Machinary:


  • ORT CNC Roll Threading
  • Steinle Roll Threading
  • Waterbury Flat Die Threading: No. 0, No. 1, No. 10
  • Capstans
  • Grinding
  • Bandsaw
  • Wickman Optical Precision Grinder
  • Cross Drilling
  • 40 Ton Press
  • Emi-mec Lathes
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